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  PROTECT. NOURISH. REMOVE. - Nail lacquer remover wipes
PROTECT. NOURISH. REMOVE  - Nail lacquer remover wipes


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PROTECT. NOURISH. REMOVE -  38 conditioning nail lacquer remover wipes infused with cuticle oil. Our moisturizing remover wipes aid in the prevention of dry, peeling, splitting nail beds.

Clean scent + acetone free. 

Directions: Rub one remover wipe in circular motions against the nail bed. Continue rubbing in small circular motions until nail lacquer is removed. Use both sides of the remover if necessary. Enjoy clean & hydrated nails!

AVAILABILITY: Usually ships in 3-5 business days.

Great for the "Woman On The Go" - no leakage in bag or purse! 

Excellent for expectant mothers and gentle enough for children to use.

Improve the condition of your natural nails by incorporating fresh, minimally processed foods like vegetables and whole grains into your diet.

price: $8.00