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We've made the 2016 O Magazine "O List"!
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O Magazine January 2016
Essence Magazine
Pictured: Co-founders Ginger Johnson + Liz Pickett
Nail It! Magazine
"This vegan cream's star ingredient, tamanu oil, is a workhorse; it tones, heals, hydrates, regenerates, and protects"
Pictured: Hand Toning Creme (3 scents available)
Elle Magazine's Beauty IT list
Pictured: Best I've Ever Had + Such A Lady
Self Magazine
Pictured: Ice Queen
Well + Good
"Of course nail polish isn't the only product getting playtime in this duo's daily routine.
Here [click the above image] are a few of the other products that these two non-toxic beauty gurus can't live without."
People Style Watch
Pictured: Best I've Ever Had
Allure Magazine
Pictured: Don't Kill My Vibe
Distinction Magazine
Pictured: Demi Cup
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by Ginger + Liz Colour Collection

People Style Watch

Pictured: Best I've Ever Had